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the person library.

[ based on the concept outlined in this upworthy article. ]

imagine what a wonderful world we would live in if we all understood one another's struggles and experiences.

this library, situated at a dimensional nexus (or something, let's be honest, the deets aren't important), is dedicated to realizing that dream, one reader at a time. visitors can 'borrow' the library's materials: people from all walks of life, people of all species and races and orientations and religions, who have volunteered to open their covers and help others understand what they've never experienced themselves.

come check out a new viewpoint, a new experience, or even a new friend! (or a new enemy. just because we all might understand each other, doesn't mean some of us aren't still dicks.)

toplevel posters are library volunteers!
include in your post any 'genres' your character fits under — and remember, even the things that seem mundane to them might be unique and unknown to others! this can apply to both personal attributes of the character as well as their canon!

reply to someone's comment to 'borrow' them.
presumably, a library situated at a dimensional nexus (or something) has no end of lounge areas, reading rooms, outdoor benches, and probably even has a starbucks in it or some shit. go wild!

please tag your threads for potentially triggering content!
this meme deals with a lot of experiences that can be difficult to talk (or read) about. please be considerate and tag your toplevels with any relevant content warnings you can think of.
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Princess Kiersten Harte of Rosemead (Daughter of Blackmere, Child of the Twenty-Year War, Once and Future Queen of the Golden Age)


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